Aunti’s mini me.. Playing in the leafs!

Aunti been so busy bee lately.. BUT today aunti came to my treehousey and said with big exciting eyes “Sunshine you know what we going to do today?!” Aunti said today I was going have a Aunti and sunshine day! WOAAAAAAAAHHHHH!! I jumped and screamed aunti toke my hands and we sat on the couch and aunti helped me put my shoes on.. all happy and smiley I looked back at aunti.. Aunti toke me to my favorite playground where all there was leafs all over on the slide on the swings allllllll alllllll alllll over.. I was kicking the leafs while laughing and giggling with auntie… I made a big mountains full of leafs.. than suddenly aunti tackled me in the big leafs mountain where me and aunti start rolling and giggling all over the leafs pile… aunti was tickling me and we were laughing so hard! IT WAS SO FUN! than aunti and me just lay down and stares at the sky.. we had fun talks and secret girl talk.. I not going to tell you is me and aunti secrets only!.. We were day dreaming .. when it started get darker aunti said “My little sunshine we need to prepare to go home buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttt guess what?!!” I said WHAAT WHAAT AUNTIII TELLL MEEEE!!!… aunti looked at me and smilled and tickled my little tummy and said but first we going to get ICECREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOAAAAHHH!.. All excited aunti hold my hand and we walked to the car so we can go to the ice cream palace store where they have all kinds of ice creamsss YUMMSSSS.. but now I need to eats my ice screams cause aunti don’t want it to smelt… *nom nom nom* I talk to you guys soooooonnn!!!!!!!!



YAY! it’s Fall!

Falls is herreee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the most wonderful season of the years!! because all the leaves are falling down, ORANGE, RED, BROWN and YELLOW!.. YES! I know my colors now! I been practicing them hard in the summer before I turned 5! am a full hands of fishies fingers now! *counts with her fingers 1,,2,,3,,3,, 4,, 5!* see?! I know my numbers too! ūüėÄ

I looking forward for what falls have to bring so I can tell you guys, I already having fun playing with the leaves when I allowed to go play outside..


Outfit: N. РEverdine Romper @ Ninety-Nine

Hair: AD – ici

Shoes: N.- Bonni Bella Sneakers @ Mainstore!

Props: [SC] – I’m a Pumpkin @ New group gift @ Mainstore!

Happiness is a choice..

We all have our happily ever after.. What is your happily ever after?!

Happiness is a choice..

Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain… To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices – today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it..

qu_001e[SC] Our Happily Ever After {AD}

Pose: [SC] Say Cheese – Our Happily Ever After – Available @ Color Me Cute

I wanted to thank all the models that were willing to pose with me ‚̧



On a bright day..

On a bright summer day.. aunt decided that we would go to the park where we will have a picnic with the family.. while uncle was loading the car with all the goodies aunti and me where in the bedroom.. I sat in a big mirror while aunti was brushing my hair.. we where singing our favorite song and laughing like always..

But than suddenly aunti mirror turned into a magical door where there was a pretty garden.. and far far away you can see a castle.. without even thinking I stood up and walked closer the mirror where I stuck my hand thru the magical door and slowly walked thru it..¬† it was magical with sparkles little stars.. slowly when I stepped in the garden I notice singing birds with lots of flowers.. it was just like a fairytale!.. “aunti?! aunti?!” I whispered.. I turned around and there was aunti behind me in a pretty white dress.. aunti eyes were amazed by the garden I can tell.. than I looked down at me and guess what?! I had the same dress as aunti! WOAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! we were princesses..

There was a shy squirrel not far from us.. I ran to closer the squirrel to pet him.. ” hi little squirrel” I whispered..¬†Aunti and me wandered around the magical garden like two princesses on a adventure.. till we forgot the time.. that Uncle is waiting at us at home!..



Outfit: tiptoes ‚Äď Shimmer Princess Dress

Hair: AD – Evolve

Props & Pose: Lil‚ÄôBug Poses ‚Äď ‚ÄúDaisy‚ÄĚ (Gacha)

Photographer & Model: Wicca Merlin



The child’s eye..

There so many times that grown ups get so stressful and go thru the day without smiling or stop just 1 second to enjoy the little things that around them or passes them.. what happen to the little child that once was care free and happy and giggled atleast few times a day.. For a child simplicity means so much.. since when did that change?

I hope that I can remind every single person to remember to look at the world with a child’s eye.. it amazing!.. its beautiful!..

It okay for each one of us to let that little inner child come out.. and remind ourself truthly who we are.. and how wonderful this world can be..

Because thru a child eye the world is a kingdom.. a kingdom of so much to be discovered and to enjoy..

Let the little ones take the lead let them guide you..

*huggies* Always & Forever

The childhood eye


Oufit: {Little Miss} – Kawaii Tee

Hair: Blues. –¬†Allie

Pose: [SC] Say Cheese – Always and Forever @ Ninety-Nine! Event


Quality time..

On the late¬†afternoon when I was playing outside before bedtime aunti called me inside the house because she wanted to have a little talk with me.. I felt curious and excited what aunti wanted to tell me.. I jumped¬†*POOOOFFF* on the couch next to aunti.. aunti toke my little hands and told me that she wanted to show me a very special place tomorrow.. All excited with my eyes wide open I asked “what is it?” aunti said “NOPE!.. not telling you need to have a good sleep tonight and tomorrow we will go”.. I stared at aunti with puppyfacey aunti laughed and ruffled her hands in my hair and said ” now go brush you teeth and put you jammies for tuckies time” tuckies time is my favorite time that when aunti tuck me in bed and than give me thousand snuggles and kisseys on my noisey.. It tickles me ohh and aunti tell me sometime stories and secrets but am not allowed to tell you what secrets that pinky promises with aunti only..

The next day I woke up early and runned to aunti room to pull her out bed “AUNTI AUNTI IS IT TIME TO GO?!” aunti said we had to shower and get dressed and eat and do some chores before we go..

Later that afternoon when I was painting in my room aunti called me and said we ready to go.. Excitedly I runned outside and aunti behind me to the front door..

We walked few corners and I saw lots of trees.. after few trees of walking aunti guided me while holding my hands to a little wooden door.. when aunti open the door there was a HUGEEEE ISLAND there was lots of plants ad trees and I saw chickens and horses and lots of other stuff.. ooh and I also saw a firecamp!.. I ask aunti “why are we at this island?” aunti laughed and answered ” this is not an island silly.. this is called a ranch.. and this ranch is very special to me.. since I was your age I used to come here allot and play.. I grew up knowing this place.. it has lots of memories..” “Is this aunti secret place?” I asked aunti.. Aunti toke my hand and said “sunshine lets have a sit and I will tell you all about it..” So aunti and me spent the rest of the day in the ranch.. we laughed and aunti told me lots of stories when she was my age.. aunti was really as big as me! Aunti told me how special this place was and that she doesn’t bring everybody here.. but she really wanted to show me.. my little heart tickled of happiness..

Before we knew it it started to get dark.. I ask aunti if we could stay here a little more.. Aunti said that we had to go home.. but we can come back an other day.. so we went home.. and when we got home aunti went to cook dindin for us and while aunti was cooking dindin I sat with unckie on the couch and told him about everything I saw that day.. I kept talking and talking and talking.. than we had dindin and it was almost bedtime for me..

I have to go now.. because today is a new day.. but I promise I will tell you all about it..


Outfit: N. Р Beatrice Romper Dot

Shoes: Flite – Yacht Shoes

Hair: AD – scream cheese

Pose: [SC] Say Cheese – Quality Time