I hear something!

Early morning walking on an adventure walking in the garden I heard something!.. Looking all around me I couldn’t see anything.. suddenly when I got closer and closer I try to follow the sound.. under the big tree in the garden I found a fallen stamp where I found some chipmunks.. I was curious… where the chipmunks talkings!?… I said “hello am India whats your name?! and whats your name?! and whatss you name?! and whats youu name? pointing to each of them.. suddenly they all were looking at me.. with their mouth full of nuts.. I decided to take 2 more steps.. AHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! GOTCHA!! the chipmunks can talk!!!!!!.. one of the chipmunks said shyle “whos you?!.. do you live here?! do you eat nuts?! why you so big?!.. I giggled and said “its okay you guys are safe here.. and I will promise I would not tell anyone you guys are here” All the chipmunks nodded and said “thank you” in a sofltly high tone.. “BAAAAAIII chipmunkies” .. I skipped happily further in the garden.. with the cute chubby chipmunks in my head giggling..


Romper: Nimble. – Ophilia Romper

Hair: tram –  G0616 hair

Props: JIAN – Chipmunk Collection

Camp Arrival

Last Night so late we arrived to camp in a big big island with DINOSAURS! The bus ride was a little bumpy and it was scary to see all the big dinos and the noises.. but we made it sound and safe.. This morning the sun is slowly rising.. lots of the camper still sleeping.. the otherones that been out all night I hope they still alive.. Am excited for today! AM A FIGHTER AND READY FOR ALL OBSTABLES!

Indi xo

Camp Arrive_002

On a mission!

Loonnnngg long time go.. that’s were the words  I remember aunti saying when she was reading me a storytime book.. The book was big and goldies color with a little sparkles and black thingies..

Aunti said touch this magical book.. OOHHHH OHHHH before we know it we went to old people times place.. aunti said something sounds like steampunkie WE WENT TO STEAMPUNKIE OMGAWD! YES! we had steampunkie clothings and we were on a big big land with big biiiiigggg tall things same color as the magical book..

“ohhnooo aunti where is the booookk?! how we ever going back home?! *stares with big eyes”


Aunti said we need to find the big magical book so we can go home again.. but for us to find it we need to explore and do some big work so we can find the hidden prize and the magical book..

*stares aunti with bigger eyes*

Aunti says to stays calm am to follow hers.. We walked so much my tiny leggies were getting tired..

*looks in the sky where there a flying boaat!!!!!*

Aunti and me run so hard and aunti carried me on the big flying boat we saw so much seaaaaa and gold stuff gold buildings people wearing gold.. but aunti keep saying that not gold silly that’s steampunk.. I told aunti that not steampunk that’s STEAMPUNKIE!

so on and one we were flying my little leggies and eyes were tired.. “I need to take a nappy aunti”

*lays her head in aunti arms and closes her eyes*

niiiiniiiiiiighties ❤

First Yoga Class



LOOK AT ME! LOOOK! AM SO STRONG! I bet you are not strong like me!

After a little long break here I am! Did you miss me?!

Today was an excited where I was allot to go to Yoga class with my aunti! BECAUSE am five fingers now! that 1 hand full! but no no! No not that aunti but this aunti! I not sure if she good in Yoga looks like she was breaking her neck.. but I didn’t do it..

Don’t tell her I said that be nice! I love Yoga.. the Yoga teacher said I am very strong and give me an hi5.. Now I learner hi5 and low 5 and than you spin around an jump to giv the highest 5 WOAAAH! Like mister Jordan.. but me is India Amari!

We did allot stretching! I can stand on one feet! And I can also touch my nose touch my ears.. I can lay on the ground with my feet in the air and wiggle all my ten toes! my pretty rainbow colorfull nails.

We learn so much new trick I cannot wait to go home and show an tell what I learned today! About aunti I hope aunti neck be okay.. I dunnnooesss?! will she?

Its okay because I had fun! And I hope I can take you all with me to my next adventure!



Outfit: [Vk!] Overall Eloah-Marsala

Hair: AD – Sambuca




It’s almost Christmas!

It’s almost Christmas!! and it seems how more silly big people gets.. I don’t know why all the big peoples rushing in the stores… maybe they excited Santa is coming?! BUT BUT am also excited that Santa is coming but am not rushing.. I just being me cute and pretty.. After long morning and afternoon going to the stores with Aunti and uncle we gots lots of yummies and pressies for everyone..

After we got home aunti said I should take a little nap because later we going to decorate the living room.. WOOT WOOOT! I toke my shoes off and run in my bed and napped.. after few hours I woke up and like always wandered downstairs to snuggles Aunti like I always do when I wakes up.. Aunti was in the living room decorating some bits and ask me if I wanted to help her AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDD Aunti made us a big pan of home made hot chocolate! YUMMS YUMMS *rubs her tummy*


While we were decorating and sipping on our yummy hot chocolate I was asking aunti millioonss of billions of questions like I always do! *giggles* but this time I wanted to know all Santa secrets and everything Aunti knows about Santa.. so I can guess just a little bit if am going be on the good list or naughty list.. *cross finger for being on the angel amazingballs list*

So on Aunti and me laughed and had fun decorating and talking about santa and our secrets and funny stories.. Aunti mention that the cookies we made in t he morning and had put in the fridge was for Santa for when Santa comes… Aunti was telling me how important it is to put cookies and milk for Santa.. BUT AUNTI I LIKE COOKIES TOOO! I LIKE COOKIES TOO! I kept repeating to Aunti.. Aunti smiled everytime I was trying to tell her that not only Santa like cookies but me too!

We were having so much fun and enjoying our hot chocolate that it was almost bedtime for me.. Aunti said that I need to take a baths than put my PJ on than Aunti will come read me my favorite story and tuck me in..

Aunti tucked me in after giving me lots of kisseys and snuggles.. I dreamed away to la la land.. till middle of the night I opened my eyes and was thinking of the cookies that were important without the cookies I will not get my pressies OMGOODNESSS!.. I sneaked outside my room to the kitchen on my tiptoes and open the fridge to check if the cookies were still there.. maybe I can taste the cookies before Santa.. but SHHHHH Aunti cannot see me!!.. Quietly I grabbed one cookie and walked back on my tiptoes to me room while eating my cookies..


Hopefully Aunti will not see that one cookie was missing and she will not notice the crumbles in the hallway and in my room.. I have to go back to sleep now.. nighttt nightttt TOMMOROW IS CHRISTMAS! YESSS!!!!! YESSSS!! Santa will be HERE!!!

This Blog was collaboration with my Aunti known as Wicca Merlin. Thank you Aunti for letting me be part of this blog.. Go check her blogpost and story by just clicking the following link ❤


Aunti’s mini me.. Playing in the leafs!

Aunti been so busy bee lately.. BUT today aunti came to my treehousey and said with big exciting eyes “Sunshine you know what we going to do today?!” Aunti said today I was going have a Aunti and sunshine day! WOAAAAAAAAHHHHH!! I jumped and screamed aunti toke my hands and we sat on the couch and aunti helped me put my shoes on.. all happy and smiley I looked back at aunti.. Aunti toke me to my favorite playground where all there was leafs all over on the slide on the swings allllllll alllllll alllll over.. I was kicking the leafs while laughing and giggling with auntie… I made a big mountains full of leafs.. than suddenly aunti tackled me in the big leafs mountain where me and aunti start rolling and giggling all over the leafs pile… aunti was tickling me and we were laughing so hard! IT WAS SO FUN! than aunti and me just lay down and stares at the sky.. we had fun talks and secret girl talk.. I not going to tell you is me and aunti secrets only!.. We were day dreaming .. when it started get darker aunti said “My little sunshine we need to prepare to go home buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttt guess what?!!” I said WHAAT WHAAT AUNTIII TELLL MEEEE!!!… aunti looked at me and smilled and tickled my little tummy and said but first we going to get ICECREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOAAAAHHH!.. All excited aunti hold my hand and we walked to the car so we can go to the ice cream palace store where they have all kinds of ice creamsss YUMMSSSS.. but now I need to eats my ice screams cause aunti don’t want it to smelt… *nom nom nom* I talk to you guys soooooonnn!!!!!!!!


YAY! it’s Fall!

Falls is herreee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the most wonderful season of the years!! because all the leaves are falling down, ORANGE, RED, BROWN and YELLOW!.. YES! I know my colors now! I been practicing them hard in the summer before I turned 5! am a full hands of fishies fingers now! *counts with her fingers 1,,2,,3,,3,, 4,, 5!* see?! I know my numbers too! 😀

I looking forward for what falls have to bring so I can tell you guys, I already having fun playing with the leaves when I allowed to go play outside..


Outfit: N. – Everdine Romper @ Ninety-Nine

Hair: AD – ici

Shoes: N.- Bonni Bella Sneakers @ Mainstore!

Props: [SC] – I’m a Pumpkin @ New group gift @ Mainstore!