It’s almost Christmas!

It’s almost Christmas!! and it seems how more silly big people gets.. I don’t know why all the big peoples rushing in the stores… maybe they excited Santa is coming?! BUT BUT am also excited that Santa is coming but am not rushing.. I just being me cute and pretty.. After long morning and afternoon going to the stores with Aunti and uncle we gots lots of yummies and pressies for everyone..

After we got home aunti said I should take a little nap because later we going to decorate the living room.. WOOT WOOOT! I toke my shoes off and run in my bed and napped.. after few hours I woke up and like always wandered downstairs to snuggles Aunti like I always do when I wakes up.. Aunti was in the living room decorating some bits and ask me if I wanted to help her AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDD Aunti made us a big pan of home made hot chocolate! YUMMS YUMMS *rubs her tummy*


While we were decorating and sipping on our yummy hot chocolate I was asking aunti millioonss of billions of questions like I always do! *giggles* but this time I wanted to know all Santa secrets and everything Aunti knows about Santa.. so I can guess just a little bit if am going be on the good list or naughty list.. *cross finger for being on the angel amazingballs list*

So on Aunti and me laughed and had fun decorating and talking about santa and our secrets and funny stories.. Aunti mention that the cookies we made in t he morning and had put in the fridge was for Santa for when Santa comes… Aunti was telling me how important it is to put cookies and milk for Santa.. BUT AUNTI I LIKE COOKIES TOOO! I LIKE COOKIES TOO! I kept repeating to Aunti.. Aunti smiled everytime I was trying to tell her that not only Santa like cookies but me too!

We were having so much fun and enjoying our hot chocolate that it was almost bedtime for me.. Aunti said that I need to take a baths than put my PJ on than Aunti will come read me my favorite story and tuck me in..

Aunti tucked me in after giving me lots of kisseys and snuggles.. I dreamed away to la la land.. till middle of the night I opened my eyes and was thinking of the cookies that were important without the cookies I will not get my pressies OMGOODNESSS!.. I sneaked outside my room to the kitchen on my tiptoes and open the fridge to check if the cookies were still there.. maybe I can taste the cookies before Santa.. but SHHHHH Aunti cannot see me!!.. Quietly I grabbed one cookie and walked back on my tiptoes to me room while eating my cookies..


Hopefully Aunti will not see that one cookie was missing and she will not notice the crumbles in the hallway and in my room.. I have to go back to sleep now.. nighttt nightttt TOMMOROW IS CHRISTMAS! YESSS!!!!! YESSSS!! Santa will be HERE!!!

This Blog was collaboration with my Aunti known as Wicca Merlin. Thank you Aunti for letting me be part of this blog.. Go check her blogpost and story by just clicking the following link ❤


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